I’m deeply honored in what they’ve done to commemorate my final race. It was unexpected and humbling. It brought back a rush of memories, but more than anything it reminded me how awesome it was to drive that red No. 8 car.
— Dale Jr.

Problem: When Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced his retirement, the NASCAR community knew it was losing a legend. The 15-time Most Popular Driver spent the best years of his career driving the #8 Budweiser Car, so it was only right we pay tribute. But Dale Jr. hadn’t driven #8 in a decade. How could we honor one of NASCAR’s most legendary drivers when our strongest connection to him lies in fans’ memories?

Solution: We knew that to pay tribute to Dale Jr. and his wildly successful years driving the Bud Car, we needed to resurface those memories. So we brought the Bud Car back for one final lap. We didn’t choose just any racetrack. Daytona International Speedway was witness to some of the most emotional moments in Junior’s career, from multiple Daytona 500 wins to his emotional victory after his father’s death. When paired with archival footage pulled from his many years driving #8, the Bud Car’s last lap around Daytona felt like a memory brought to life.

To give our tribute to Junior the emotion it deserved, we set the video to one of Dale Jr.’s favorite songs — Lord Huron’s, “The Night We Met.” The poignant lyrics and somber melody took our video to the next level. From the get-go, we knew we needed to take a cue from Junior himself and put fans at the heart and soul of this video. We hit the tracks to film real NASCAR fans and their goodbyes to everyone’s favorite driver, so the people who have cheered on Junior throughout his career were a presence in our tribute.

Results: The film extended beyond NASCAR and into culture. “The Night We Met” was played behind NBC’s Dale Jr. montage during their coverage of his final race, and Junior even raised a Budweiser with reporter Marty Smith once he crossed his last finish line. The video allowed fans to relive some of the most pivotal moments in their favorite driver’s career. But most importantly, we truly honored Junior and his team.

My years with Bud were amazing. They taught me so much and I can not measure the impact they had on my professional career. Great song choice too guys! @LordHuron
— Dale Jr.